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That's a wrap for our for our fundraiser. I want to thank everybody that participated in Happy Lotus Studios 1p36dsa fundraiser. We had over 100 orders. We also had 34 families that shared their child’s story. It was overwhelming to see the outpouring of love for our 1p community. There were more than 10,000 views of all of the stories and countless shares. I haven’t tallied up how much was raised yet, but this fundraiser was a success. We spread so much awareness and that is priceless. Thank you to the board of the 1p36dsa nonprofit for allowing me to use the 1p36 logo.
I also want to remind everyone that you can still donate or buy 1p36 merchandise from I will also be keeping the 1p section up at my store. 25% of the profits will still be donated to 1p36dsa, but only for the 1p items.
Why I started my fundraising campaign with 1p36dsa.
Almost 15 years ago the diagnosis -1p36 deletion syndrome changed my life forever. I hate to say it is a struggle every day, but it is.   Josh is the light of my life but caring for someone else’s needs more than your own takes a toll. We have had many doors closed in our faces that could have been amazing opportunities for us, but he doesn’t have a “popular” label. Don’t get me wrong all people with disabilities deserve to be helped I just get sad because my son’s disability is so unknown help isn’t always offered to us. I dream of a day that I can walk into a doctor’s office and they can educate me instead of the other way around. I dream of a day when I know Josh will be safe and loved outside of my care. 1p36dsa is educating the community, and that alone is amazing and necessary.

I am a single mom and I have no relief. I have no one to come and give me a break when I just need a minute to breathe. I can go over a year without a haircut. I went more than 10 years without being able to go see a movie. I haven’t had a night out away from my beautiful son in 4 years. The last time I got to go out was Mom’s Night Out at our 1p36 Conference in Texas. Those conferences are lifelines to many of the 1p families. Three days out of the year we get to forget how different our worlds are compared to those around us. Our kids get to be loved, celebrated, and seen for who they are and not for their disability. It is such a needed experience for many of us. It’s difficult to explain the feeling to those that have never experienced it. I think it is what most people feel like daily.

I am so thankful for our support group and for this nonprofit organization. Their work is valuable and has helped so many 1p36 families, so please continue to donate to them.

Again, thank you so much to all of that shopped and shared their stories. I appreciate more than you can know.

~ Michelle Finn ~

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