Sammie's Story (1p36dsa fundraiser)

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Sammie's Story written by his mom Shay


Sammie is my beautiful, inspiring, 10 year old boy with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome.  In his short 10 years he has persevered through struggles many if us would have given up on years ago. Countless needle pokes, hospital stays, ambulance rides, medication doses, therapies, MRI's, EEG's, EKG's, echo cardiograms, x-rays, intubations,  specialist visits, and several surgeries.

 In addition to his medical story, limitations in his cognitive, speech, and physical development haven't slowed his indomitable spirit. He is a true warrior.  Taking life one day at a time and one challenge at a time all the while moving forward toward HOPE. It seems he fears nothing and when you have hope in your life that just seems to make sense.

 He wakes up with a smile and falls asleep the same way. He enjoys the simple pleasures that many of us have long forgotten in our busy, demanding lives. He knows the exact moment you need a hug or kiss...his way of saying I love you, it's okay, we got this. His hope and positive spirit radiates to the people around him. When you're with him you're happy, you're inspired, and your full of hope. He's amazing.

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