Jayden's Story (1p36dsa Fundraiser)

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Jayden's Story  Written by his mom Corrie
A bit about Jay... He was diagnosed with 1p36 just before he turned 3. Started off coming into the world with pneumonia , poor sucking and feeding. They thought he had Down syndrome or that I was drinking alcohol during my pregnancy. General chromosome testing came back fine. We went home and that was that. I had no idea what to expect with a baby but 
He wasn't meeting milestones during his first six months of life. My family doctor wasn't concerned. So I went to a paediatrician. The paediatrician said he was "floppy" was concerned and started us on the wait lists for therapy. He eventually sent us to genetics where we did further testing and that's when I found out he had the deletion. 
He suffered a lot of chest infections in infancy and pneumonia.  Fast forward. He started walking independently just before his fifth birthday. 
 Jayden is hyper aware of the fact he is different from typical kids and will shy away from being around kids who do not know him or people who stare at him. ( very good at reading people and their intentions) 
He's non verbal. He loves when I read books to him, balloons( they have to be the helium, foiled filled balloons), going in the swimming pool especially going down the little water slide! 
He enjoys grocery shopping with his Mom ( throwing ALL his favourite foods in the cart).
Jay is really good at figuring out math equations involving numbers up to 30. He can identify over 80 words. 
He can dress and undress himself when given the right motivators (iPad, chocolate etc) but prefers to have Mom or his teachers help him with that. He assists with dishes and laundry at home and school and thoroughly enjoys those chores. 
Jay will be turning 14 in June and has a 4 year old sister and 7 month old brother. He picks on his sister a lot! But loves her tons and is very concerned about the baby when he cries. Constantly tries to tell me to pick the baby up, he's hungry. Lol. He has a vey contagious smile. 
When the mood hits him every so often, he gives the best snuggles.
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