Grant's Story

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 Written by Grant's Mom Dianna

Hi, this is Grant.  Grant is 14 years old. He is my special 1p36 son. Born with 1p36 deletion, but did not get a concrete diagnosis until 3 years of age. He is non-verbal, non-ambulatory and has a number of other health problems that follow. He has the sweetest disposition, an infectious laugh and is very sweet. Of course this is not the life we imagined for him, as no parent would. However, he has taught me how to be patient, understanding, and to be the best advocate a mom could possibly be. Is it draining? Yes, is it sad at times, Yes! But we could not imagine him any other way. People ask me, don't you pray to God to heal him? My answer is No. God made him exactly the way he is suppose to be and we love him just the way he is. He has not only taught us things, but he has taught the world about him! 

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  • Love and strength to your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

    Karen Conrad on
  • great story..great parents…i wish him and them the best

    Daren Roth on
  • Dear Diana n Grant.
    Your story make me ? crying. I know you. You are the best mother in this world. I wish that you and Grant n the whole family always healthy and strong. Love You guys

    Yar mella on

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