Blake's Story

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Blake's Story written by his Mom Katrina.


I found out I was pregnant at 5 1/2 months gestation at the age of 15 years old (yes super young)..  I was stoked when the doctor told me it was a boy. At 38 weeks, on Mothers Day I was so uncomfortable and wanted to be induced, since my back always hurt. I found out I was dilated 5 1/2cm going on 6cm and I had preeclampsia, so they gave me a shot so I wouldn't have a seizure from high blood pressure, and at 2:15am the next day I had Blake, he weighed 6 lbs 9oz and was 20 inches long. As the doctor was stitching me up I had a seizure. I remember the beginning of the seizure, but didn't wake up until a few hours later. One I was awake I finally got to hold Blake for the first time.

 Two months later Blake kept having seizures but Cincinnati Children's Hospital kept sending us home because they didn't see it. A couple days later when I took him back to Emergency Room they finally witnessed his seizures, that's when the fun began. Genetics took labs & finally diagnosed Blake with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. I was scared. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want people to think I couldn't handle being a mother. Blake's immune system became weaker as he started school, he was always sick rather it be just a cold or virus, he caught everything.

Blake attended St. Joseph Home for respite once a month or every other month for a weekend. He started going there when he was 2 years old. He used to always get "sick" when I told him he's going. Well that was until I became smart & stopped telling him. He loved going loved going after that. They were great with him.

Blake attended preschool at Bobbie B. Fairfax School for special needs children, they use to send him home once a week for vomiting at school, I would pick him up and he'd be perfectly fine smiling ear to ear and wouldn't get sick again that day. Yes, even though he was non verbal and in a wheelchair he definitely had his ways to joke around.   We moved when he was in kindergarten he started at Margaret B. Rost school for children with special needs. I remember simply asking them, "Now, will you send him home each week if he gets sick and no fever?" They said "No, only if he has a fever since he does it all the time." Oh Blake tried for weeks, until he knew it wasn't going to work this time around.

Fast forward to May 10, 2013, Blake turned 14 and on May 20, 2013 Blake became a big brother.  I remember how sweet his face looked that day holding his little sister Kaejah, he was so proud & didn't know what to think.   I loved to take Blake & Kaejah's pictures together, my life in one picture!!!!

I stressed everyday over Blake, always wondered who would care for him if I passed away? What if Blake got too big for me to care for or I got sick and couldn't take care of him anymore. How could I ever give him another place to live? Those were my biggest fears that I stressed everyday as I watched him grow.

In September 2014 we got Blake's seizure meds changed, and again because they weren't controlled, he would still twitch even while on his medications. He did well with  phenobarbital. On December 1st  Blake wasn't feeling well, nothing new. I gave him a bath hoping he would feel better. I noticed his eyes were blood shot, but I figured it was from the shampoo. The next day I went to work,( I had to work two jobs at the time, so I would have Christmas money),  and I sent Blake to school. I didn't want him to miss anymore days. He had already missed so much. The school called and told me his eyes were still red. I thought maybe he needed to take few more days off 

  On Wednesday he was still the same. I thought the only thing different were the seizure meds, so called his neurologist and pediatrician. He had appointment to see pediatrician and have labs drawn for the neurologist. The neurologist believed it could be the phenobarbital, because it takes a while for his system to adapt. His daddy called to tell him he loved him. I told him at 4:15 to feel better we were going to the doctors soon and I love him. I went to get him ready to go to the doctor's at 5:20; worst day of my life. I found Blake unresponsive in his bed, lifeless. I'll never forget  just shaking him, looking for him to breathe, and my heart hit the floor. Most heart wrenching feeling. No words can describe.  You will only know that kind of pain if you have lost a child.

 Blake's autopsy came back in February 2015, pneumonia. Never in my life would I have ever thought pneumonia. Today, my life is still a struggle and it always will be. What keeps me going is his sister, if it wasn't for her I'd be lost. Kaejah has been diagnosed with PACS1 she doesn't talk or walk yet, she looks around smiles n plays peek-a-boo with someone, maybe her Bubby? This year Blake would be 18 years old and would have graduated. That's definitely going to be hard. This is my story about Blake D'Angelo Thomas Jeffries. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for Blake, and having to grow up at such a young age. Blake was my teacher, I learned soooo much from him. God gives us these special kiddos for a reason. #FOREVER15

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  • Aww Trina this made me cry mom always bragged on you being a good mom. I don’t know how you handled everything the way you did but you are a strong woman. I’m proud to call you my niece. Blakey was special always will be an so is my girl Kaej. I believe Blakey will always be with you all. You did a wonderful job writing this.I love yous. Aunt Deb

    Debby Webster on
  • Your story is very touching and sad. I’m glad that you wrote it. I know that it was hard for you.

    Brian hancock on
  • I’m not sure who this message is going to, but knowing Trina, and being on the outside looking in, I knew Blake was a very large part of her life. David Hancock kudos…..he stepped in and loved Blake as if he were his. We all felt the sorrow of Blake’s passing. What a great story, Trina, may God give you the strength to overcome all obstacles in your life

    william mckenzie on

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