Bella's Story

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Bella's Story written by her Mom Ida
This little dolly is Gabriella Pearl or more famously known as Bella. After my second child we were done and ready to move forward in a different chapter when God had other plans. Right from the beginning she has fought to be on this earth.
I've known since around the age of 10 I would have a special needs daughter. I just knew. I believe every situation, especially the hard ones, helped prepare me for what was coming. This is a journey only a lucky few get to experience.
I was suddenly thrown to the wolves. This tiny, beautiful, and precious baby is fighting for her life at 3 months of age. What I thought was a stroke was actually seizures. In the process of placing a central line a artery was gouged. She potentially is faced with losing her leg! She must be transferred to a more critical care hospital now. All the while I am franticly trying to keep it together and breath.
Once we are somewhat settled down in the PICU, where there are desperately sick children everywhere and parents with deep sorrow and strung out looks, I am being told my already special baby may not survive the night.
On top of her leg having all blood and oxygen cut off from it, I am now being told she is in congestive heart failure. She is having seizures and has holes in her heart. I fall numb. I can't breath. I want to run but there's no where to escape. I can't scream because my other two children are in front of me. I have to dig deeper than I've ever dug to stand there and look calm, to keep it together and to be the rock my family has come to intimately know. I look down and just understand, deep down in my core being, that she will be ok. She has purpose and meaning.
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