Annette's Story

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Written by Annette's mom, Heather.
Annette Lynn Nichols was born April 11,2002. Annette was a week old when she had her first visit to the ER; she was having breathing problems. She was only three months old when we was rushed to Cooks Children's Hospital because she was having seizures. She was admitted for a week. After that  she was diagnosed with heart problems and yet another big hospital stay. Then came acid reflex and many more issues. She sat up for the first time at 3 yrs old (on the changing table).  She was unable to walk independently. She loved her food, but we discovered she aspirated silently, so all of her feeding had to be fed to her through her g tube. She could scoot to get anywhere she wanted.  She loved the water. Annette made noises but did not really talk much.She never met a stranger she didn't smile or giggle at. Everyone who met her loved her and her smile.She never complained even though she was in pain. She got very sick on a Thursday and  had seizure. Annette was rushed to ER that day they did X-rays and sent us home. They told us she had a bad cold.  My sister and niece spent the night to help with my other daughter, Ashley (who was only about a year old).  We got up this next morning and I went to get all her meds and her tube when my niece Lizzy yelled aunt come here. I went to check, Annette was purple we called 911 and performed cpr. She was rushed to hospital and had passed away. Annette was in and out of the hospital for her entire life. The nurses did not think she would make it but did for 6 years. Annette will be missed and loved forever
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